Public Areas
Curtains and draperies in rich fabrics and yarns, elegant diaphragms between the inside and outside, which highlight and enrich the design of the interior and the windows. The overall style must blend different approaches... classical or contemporary, technological or ethnic.
Natural and artificial light interact with the substance and materials of the furnishing. Their intensity, quality and continuity have different degrees of significance. The way in which light is emitted, diffused and reflected is a determining factor in how a d├ęcor is perceived.
Reception Desk
The control room. The first strategic contact between the structure and the users, in the wide-open space of the hall needs special reception desk and chairs.
A classic... the pleasure and pure luxury of lining the walls the warm tones of wood and decorating it all with skilfully-carved decorative motifs and surrounds. Pleasing to the eye and to the touch... and today also available in modern versions which are minimalist in materials and decorations.
Different padded seats and chairs in public areas for different functions: reading, waiting, relaxation, conversation.